CEBEC Primary School Development Project

The following photos are of the primary school that was founded and is supported by the Baptist church of Cameroon, in my village of Bare, Cameroon.

The School CEBEC (Ecole Conseil des Eglises Baptistes et Evangelique du Cameroun) was privately created, founded, and established by the Baptist and Evangelical church of Cameroon, in efforts to make education affordable for low-income families. The school CEBEC in Bare Centre (a small village located in the Littoral Province) consists of eight classrooms where 385 primary students attend, along with 7 teachers and 1 director. Because the establishment is private, the school receives funding only from the church and other community organizations in Bare. The government does not contribute to the development of this school, so the school is supported only by administration, the students, the Parent-Student Association, and surrounding communities.

These groups within and supporting the school CEBEC are motivated and willing to take action into their own hands. In fact, more than 50% of the projects have already been completed over the course of two years,, using what little money they could, to fund the development of the school through construction of an office for the director and a room for school visitors. The Parent-Student Association contributed the finances to start the process, and the Director of the school, Mr. Ernest Fondja (who will direct and manage the project’s completion, see him in the photo standing to the left of me in with the staff) donated his own time and intensive labor to place the foundation and lay bricks to complete the walls of the building. The only aspect missing for completion of this school development project is funding.

We are also working to fix up the latrines that are more than ten years old and falling apart, which you can see in the pictures.

I will post the link to the Peace Corps partnership program website when it is available. The application is currently being processed in Washington DC at the Peace Corps headquarters- but when made available, you will be able to help me with this project!

A little would make a lot of difference!

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