Hello, 2011!

“Small multiple moves are favored over big leaps, they mount up and you go just as far.”

Dear 2010,

How quickly and slowly at once this year has gone by! I’m excited to say goodbye to you, and hello to love in my life in 2011. Goodbye to culture shock, Casey, any tolerance for bad communication skills, goodbye to full time at ATX! Hello to love, love, love! The only law this worls needs, what Jesus actually said was the single most important law to follow. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? If everyone did everything with love in their heart, this world would be perfect. I’m nowhere near perfect, but Dear God I will continue the fight to make this place just a little better.

I learned a lot from you, 2010.. I’ve learned that no matter what ideas we have, they are modified to the rules and regulations of this world if you want them to be successful. No matter what expectation I have, or what ideas I wish to bring to life, it must always be modified accordingly. Things this year seemed to take longer, and I’m still learning to accept that, and not stress when it doesn’t go just as it happened in my dreams. Age is just a number, I’ve realized..I spent so much of my time “getting ahead”, only to feel like I sunk into a hole of some sort, but it is what it is- my past, and I move along, look ahead. I’m lucky enough to know what I want, and to continuously have the drive to go for it. It wasn’t a waste, because I learned a lot: that I’m very forgiving, I go crazy if I stay still for too long, that the way one uses words is important, but much more so are our actions, and finally, I’ve learned that one cannot rationalize how they feel. 2010, you brought me Amie, and I am so thankful for this precious dog! She is sweet and considerate by her very own nature. You taught me that this crazy world still produces some beautiful, loving souls. I am not alone. And then you have surprised me, much sooner than I thought life would, with people that inspire me again.

Hello, 2011!

I want to become closer to who I truly am with you. I’m willing to make the necessary steps, and I want to be better.

* Amie’s vet told me that his resolution was to leave all negative energy in 2010, and not bring any into this year. What a good one! I will take that one for myself too, and while it can be so tough at times, I think I have the perfect support system for it. I am surrounding myself with people that laugh, that see how great life is, that choose to see the good rather than the bad, who actively pursue their happiness.

* I want to complete teacher certification, another way to make a difference in the world.. and obtain a teaching job that allows me to collaborate with a great school, students, secure, peaceful, loving, joyful. And oh how generous you are to have already given me this! Last week I was hired on as a part-time French teacher with a private school!

* I want to look objectively at my relationships, realistically, positively, take my time to trust. Move slow, is the goal. To be honest, patient, supportive.

* To keep in better touch with Alicia and Sarah, my dear friend who I’ve been blessed to have since studying abroad to France in 2005.

* Go to Mexico!

* To finish reading “Angry and Controlling Men”, a book that my sister believes in so much, that she bought a 2nd copy so that I could borrow and read.

* I will choose a day of the week to focus in on PTA’s objectives, as this is my ultimate goal, to see Peace Tree Africa flourish. We are currently under review by the IRS for tax exempt status! We will now look for sources of aide and funding for Kentaja Orphanage’s solar panels. We need to get a broker, and apply for grants, and to obtain supporters and sponsors.

* I want to visit Cameroon. I miss my brilliant son, Franck (who was THE first in his class this year, and who passed his BEPC Exam with flying colors into the next grade!), and the part of me that thrives when I am IN Cameroon. While I am there, I want to
* Complete Franck’s adoption.

* I want to never not be thankful for what I have; enjoy the moment.

About Tara

Tara received her degree in French and Communications before jetting off to serve Cameroon for 2 years with the Peace Corps. She has forever since been inspired to serve in humanitarian projects around the world. She's a writer, tour guide, business owner, property manager, wifey, dog mom, and traveler. Tara lives in Dallas, Texas, where she's happily married to the tech genius who keeps her website pretty.

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