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June 07th, 2008

June 07th, 2008

Despite rumors about losing two trainees from reading up on blogs, 38 trainees arrived at the airport tonight. After months of looking through the large book of files and working closely with David Tiomajou, the training officer, all of the names on the pages became real people. Resumes and pixilated photos only had given us a glimpse to who these future volunteers really are.

My contact lens case sits on the night stand in the same hotel, and I remember that I was here just one year ago. Scared, nervous, excited and motivated. It’s so great to be a part of this with the new trainees. To tell them when someone asks, for example, “do you live in a hut?” that no, we actually live pretty nicely. The Director called us Superstar Volunteers at the dinner announcement… ha we may be nerds everywhere else in the world, full of dysfunction, but here with Peace Corps Cameroon, we are superstars! I feel productive because I know that I can be an aide to a powerful self-change, emotional growth and character building. I’m tired and already looking to the coffee that I will find downstairs in the morning. I will need the energy to answer more questions- to bridge the gap between American, Cameroonian and Peace Corps culture.

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Tara received her degree in French and Communications before jetting off to serve Cameroon for 2 years with the Peace Corps. She has forever since been inspired to serve in humanitarian projects around the world. She's a writer, tour guide, business owner, property manager, wifey, dog mom, and traveler. Tara lives in Dallas, Texas, where she's happily married to the tech genius who keeps her website pretty.

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