My Personal Mission Statement

I am a friend.
I will always support, motivate, and encourage my friends.
I will listen with a caring ear.
I will let my friends know how important and special they are to me.
I will be honest with my friends.

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer.
I will seek to develop my community through work, actions, exchange of culture, commitment and compassion.
Through Education, I will be an example and share my knowledge with others that may better their lives.
I will do projects that empower women.
I will instill within Franck values of education, confidence to succeed and motivation to invest himself into his country.
I will encourage the value and continuing of education among my students.
I will be an example to Americans.
I will share my experiences with others in hopes to inspire, motivate and influence the lives of Americans as well as Cameroonians.

I am a singer.
I will invest myself and commit myself to the act of song.
I will practice and perfect the lyrics of selected songs.
I will focus on exercise and habits that keep my body fit and in shape (the current goal is dancing and jumping jacks for 30 minutes every day.
I will take advantage of every opportunity to perform.
I will listen to my inner-feeling and record when my songs come to me.

I am a Sister, Auntie and Daughter.
I will support my nieces and nephews financially, when able, and emotionally, in order to see that they succeed in their education and in reaching for their dreams.
I will be a positive role model for my nieces and nephews.
I will be a support and a caring ear to my family.

I am spiritual.
I will praise God and celebrate life through music, writing and prayer.
I will trust in my faith that the things beyond my control are the way that they are supposed to be, and take the opportunity to learn from every experience.

About Tara

Tara received her degree in French and Communications before jetting off to serve Cameroon for 2 years with the Peace Corps. She has forever since been inspired to serve in humanitarian projects around the world. She's a writer, tour guide, business owner, property manager, wifey, dog mom, and traveler. Tara lives in Dallas, Texas, where she's happily married to the tech genius who keeps her website pretty.

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