I am working on 2 main projects as I finish out my next few months of service, and I am begging for your help and contributions to help me do this work! Everything else is set and in place; we are ready! With your support we can do some amazing development work here. Following is the other posted text at the official Peace Corps website:


The school in a small village in Cameroon was established by the Baptist & Evangelical church, in efforts to make education affordable for low-income families. The school consists of 8 classrooms and 385 primary students. Because the establishment is private, the government provides little funding.

The school community is eager to develop the school with a director’s office and visitor’s room (presently, the school director and secretary are working out of a classroom that could otherwise be used for students). In fact, over 50% of the project has already been completed. The Parent-Student Association contributed the finances, and the school Director laid the foundation with his own hands.

The only missing element needed to complete this development project is funding.

Investing in this school’s improvement will provide a better learning environment for local children, encouraging them to succeed. The administration will be motivated to perform better and the entire school spirit will be elevated with the project’s completion.

The community will continue investing themselves into this project, and once the materials become available, the project can be completed. Please join this school in improving the learning environment for these deserving youth. If 34 generous people donate $50, we will reach our goal. Please sacrifice one night’s restaurant dinner and movie and remember the children here that are struggling in their everyday lives. Will you be one of these 34 sponsors?

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Tara received her degree in French and Communications before jetting off to serve Cameroon for 2 years with the Peace Corps. She has forever since been inspired to serve in humanitarian projects around the world. She's a writer, tour guide, business owner, property manager, wifey, dog mom, and traveler. Tara lives in Dallas, Texas, where she's happily married to the tech genius who keeps her website pretty.

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